Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Creamy Ravioli Dinner

Hi friends!  Sorry I have been absent around here.  I have been working on getting my e-book ready and getting my school year going.  This year is honestly exhausting me, I have a lot of needy kids.  Some need lots of extra help, some need lots of love because of home life, and then there's a few that just need extra attention because of behavior.  I love my job, but it does wear me out.

Since my cookbook is about to be published, I thought I might do a new segment on my blog.  A review of meals that ACTUALLY take less than 15 minutes prep time to make.  I don't mind prepping something for 10 minutes if it takes 30-45 minutes to cook.  I just don't have time with a 2 year old running around to do ANYTHING that takes more than 15 minutes of my time where he can't have my full attention.  I will also try to include a freezer version when possible.

So, Monday night, I was perusing Pinterest trying to find something that I could make really fast and something that my 2 year old would eat.  That's a task, in and of itself!  I found a great pin, but it was just a picture, but the idea is so easy, I didn't need more than that.  You can find the pin HERE.  My husband loved the sauce, as did my toddler.  It was cheap, easy, and yummy!

So, here is the recipe for an on the spot dinner:

Creamy Ravioli Dinner
1 package of your choice of ravioli
1 jar of your favorite pasta sauce
1/2 a container of Italian style cream chesse

Directions:  Cook ravioli according to package.  (Mine took 10 minutes total).
Stir in cream cheese to pasta sauce and mix well.  Serve over ravioli.

Since the ravioli is already frozen, this makes a great "freezer meal".  All you have to do is keep the ravioli and pasta sauce on hand.  Those things keep very well.  Then, purchase the cream cheese the week you plan to make this meal.



  1. This is going on our meal list for this week! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I didnt get my book, am i doing something wrong? Do i need to wait for an email, im a bit confused. Pls help!!

  3. I made a variation of this tonight and it was a hit! I browned a pound of ground deer sausage and added it to the sauce. My husband isn't a huge fan of red sauce, so I used Alfredo. So good!

  4. Do you have a photo of it finished?


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