Monday, February 18, 2013

Supper Club

I am so excited to share about the Supper Club I joined in my area!  I'll tell you a little about my club, but really, I want this to be about how you can start your own Supper Club.

The club I joined has 9 people currently and we meet once a month.  So, I prepare 9 of one meal and then we meet up in a parking lot and divy everything up and I come home with 9 different meals for the month.  This past month I made Chipotle Lime Chicken, one of my personal favorites!

What is a Supper Club?

That's a great question!  A SupperClub is a group of people who meet at a designated time to swap meals so that everyone gets one meal from each person, resulting in lots of different meals for the time period.

How Many People are Required?  How Often Do You Meet?

You can do as few or as many as you want.  If you do a smaller group, say 3-5, I would suggest meeting up weekly or bi-weekly.  If you have 6-10 people in your group, it would be good to meet bi-weekly or monthly.  I would not have over 10 people of a group since you will need to prepare the same amount of meals as the number of people in your group.  It's pretty cumbersome to make more than 10 of something.

Why Should I Do This?

First off, it's highly cost-effective.  I made all 9 of my meals for about $65 and I made a pretty nice meal.  There are cheaper meals I could have made--the one I made is a fairly expensive meal.  If you figure that up, I spent $7.22 per meal, with 4-5 servings each.  My $65 gave me a return of 9 different meals.  There's no way I could have made the same 9 meals for $65.  It's simply because you can buy in bulk when you're making multiples of the same thing, especially if you have a membership at a bulk store! 

Secondly, you are not only helping out your family, but other familes too!  Not only do you have meals in your freezer for your family, but I have been able to give meals to other families who need it as well.  There's nothing like being able to pull something out of your freezer and run over to your friend's house who just had a baby, or maybe someone you know who has been very sick and their family could use a meal. 

One idea I've had for when I start my own Supper Club is doing it through my church and having everyone make one extra meal for a family in need that month.  Such a small time and cost investment on each person's part, but what a huge impact this could have for a family!

Some Considerations

This probably isn't meant for people with special food restrictions, unless you can find a group of people who all share the same restrictions.  So, for instance, vegetarians or people who enjoy a gluten-free diet would need to make sure that they are specific about their recipe guidelines.

You'll need to purchase containers to freeze your meals in and you won't get them back.  I have a friend who orders some great foil casserole containers online for a decent price.  I currently do everything is freezer bags since I do crockpot meals.

I highly recommend only using meals that are tried and true for you.  This isn't for first time Pintrest recipes!  You aren't just disappointing your family if it's not great, but several other families as well!

I'd love to hear about Supper Clubs going on in your area!
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