Affiliates, Earn Money!

You can earn money by selling my cookbook from your blog!  Here are the details!
To be an affiliate, you would be selling my e-book on your blog or website.  Here is what you need to do. The terms are thatt you will be paid 50% of the current selling price.  I pay the following the month between the 1st and 10th. Please e-mail me at know when you've completed the sign up and then
I will send you pictures and resources to use on your blog.
How to join a Merchant's Affiliate Program:
  1. Click the merchant's sign-up link or copy and paste:

If you are not already logged into E-junkie, this will take you to E-junkie's login/registration page where you can:
    • Log into your existing E-junkie account;
    • Register for a new account if you don't have one.
    • You will arrive at your Affiliate Admin;
    • If you registered a new account, go to Edit Profile and type the PayPal Email where you want to receive commission payments;
    • Click Get Affiliate Code;
    • The Select Merchant menu lists the affiliate programs you have joined*;
    • Select the merchant whose link codes you want to get;
    • Click Get Affiliate Code, then:
      • If the Merchant has common Affiliate settings for all their products, copy their Common Hop Link code, which will redirect buyers to the seller's page (see more about Hop Links below);
      • Paste your link code into the HTML source of your own Web page, wherever you want the link to appear among your own text, images and layout;
      • You can click the More Info button if the Merchant has provided a page with special instructions, link/banner images, etc.;
      • You can click the Contact Merchant button to send them a message.
      • *Note: if you did not find your Merchant listed in your Affiliate Admin > Get Affiliate Codes screen, you may need to stay logged in and click the Merchant's sign-up link again (see further details here).

        How Hop Links Work:

        When you click your Hop Link, you will not see your ID anywhere on the seller's page, nor is that necessary to credit you for the sale, and the buyer does not even need to purchase anything immediately after clicking your link. Clicking your Hop Link sets a cookie in the buyer's browser which expires in 6 months, then we redirect them to the seller's page. Every affiliate-eligible product that buyer purchases from that seller during the life of that cookie will earn you a commission, even if they go back to the seller's site directly later without clicking through your link again.

        Getting Paid

        Merchants typically pay out commissions via PayPal on a monthly lump-sum basis sometime in the month after the completed calendar month when commissions were earned -- e.g., commission earnings for sales in January would be paid out sometime in February. Make sure you have entered your PayPal email in Affiliate Admin > Edit Profile, so merchants will be able to pay you easily. However, each merchant is free to set their own Affiliate commission pay-out method and schedule; if you have questions about this, you can use the Contact Merchant button in your Affiliate Admin to send the merchant a message.

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